Toyota MR2 EV Conversion Kit, Regen Brakes, AC Motor 1991-1999

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The EV West Toyota MR2 Starter Kit components were carefully picked out to be the best available for this vehicle. Perfect for those looking for a professional fit and finish on the drive components, but are willing to build and install their own battery system.

This kit comes with your AC motor with regenerative braking, programmable controller, high voltage charger, bell housing adapter plate, flywheel coupler, motor controller liquid cooling plate, state of charge instrumentation, throttle controller, and DC/DC convertor.

After mounting this kit, the only thing left is to add a battery system, including cables, fuses, and contactor box, and you are ready to drive your Toyota MR2 on all electric drive.

This kit contains the following:

Motor: HPEVS AC-50
Controller: Curtis 1238 650 Amp, 96 Volt
Instrumentation: Xantrex Link Pro
Shunt: Deltec 600 Amp
Transmission Adapter Kit: Cast Aluminum
Charger: Elcon PFC2500
J1772 Charge: Yes, J1772 Inlet, and Controller
Chill Plate: EV West
Throttle Control: Toyota Prius Hall Effect
DC/DC Converter: SEVCON DC/DC 300W Converter