Tesla Model S Drive Unit - Starter Kit

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We now have the Tesla Model S drive unit for sale as a complete drop in package. This unit will run up to 400 Volts and 400 kW, delivering more power at an affordable price than many of the other packages available. This kit includes the Tesla motor, inverter, gear box, dash display and control unit (EV Controls), throttle pedal, throttle pedal plug and pins, brake switch, brake switch plug and pins, encoder plug and pins, inverter plug and pins, axle clips, 2 axles, pre-charge relay, and pre-charge resistor.

Max Current: Up to 1000 Amps
Rated Power: Up to 400kW
Input Voltage: 275-400 Volts
Length: 25 Inch
Width: 34 Inch
Height: 12 Inch
Axle Width: 35 Inch
Weight: 295 Lbs
Included Display: N/A
Precharge Circuit: Built In