OBD2 Bluetooth Scan Tool

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This OBD2 Bluetooth scan tool has been created to offer you the best experience and ease of use to get the data you want from your car. With a high-quality micro-chip manufactured in the USA, Multi protocols and small size it is the perfect OBD2 scan tool to view all the data that your car can supply. Check why your engine check light is on diagnose where the fault is coming from – Create custom dashboards to view accurate live gauges.

Works with Android and Apple devices. (Also, Computers)

Retrieve engine fault codes and clear engine check lights.

Works with Australian cars from 2005+ with OBD2. Also, some older but leave a message and we will check.

  • Create custom dashboards and trip computers on your phone.
  • Works with a number of scan tool apps like Torque, Car Scanner ELM OBD2 etc.
  • Check the performance of your car (BHP, 0-60).
  • Latest Bluetooth for easy connection and faster speeds.
  • Password/Pairing Protected.
  • Easy to use.
  • 12 Month Warranty.
  • Australian Support.