Nissan S14/S15 Aluminium Fan Shroud Kit

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The Mishimoto Performance Aluminium Fan Shroud Kit is the perfect match for your new alloy radiator, the Mishimoto fan shrouds are made for a direct Fit and are significantly lighter and more durable than stock fan shrouds.

All Mishimoto fan shrouds will notably improve engine cooling performance by delivering a significant amount of cooler air directly to the 200SX/S14 radiator. Mishimoto fan shroud kits also safely secure the fan blades from potentially damaging other essential engine components.

All Mishimoto aluminium fan shrouds include an adhesive protective strip. This adhesive-backed foam strip seals any remaining gap between the fan shroud and radiator so that the fans are only moving air that has passed through the radiator core. Resulting in improved cooling efficiency, as opposed to pulling in air from the engine bay.

*Also fits the Nissan S15*