BMW Solid Engine Mounts - Aluminium - All E36, E46 Models (including M3) + Z3 Z4

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Solid Aluminum Engine Mount Set for E36, E46, M3, Z3, Z4 -  6 Cylinder Models


These Engine Mounts are machined from solid aluminum and have zero deflection.

Engine torque causes a rubber or urethane mount to flex or deflect under use. Solid Engine mounts do not allow for any engine movement during use, more torque is sent down the drive-line instead of being wasted winding up soft OEM or Urethane mounts.

Solid Aluminium Mounts have zero wear and are not affected by leaking oil or other fluids, these solid mounts will be the last set you will ever need.


BBM's mounts sit the engine 5mm lower than the factory mounts, lowering the center of gravity for better balance and handling.


We recommend picking up a set of our Solid UHMWPE transmission Mounts to run these two as a complete kit. Using these Solid Engine mounts with a soft rubber transmission mount will cause stress on the engine mounting points and may lead to failure.

These are not recommended for daily or street use, there is no vibration or noise absorption and will be quite harsh for regular driving.