BMW Modular Transmission Mounts

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Do you want comfort on the street or precise performance on the track? Now you can have both. Just swap out the interchangeable center inserts and choose your hardness.

These mounts will stiffen up your drive train, reducing unwanted transmission movement and keeping the shift linkage firmly in place.

The Blue Polyurethane mounts are a great option for use on the street. They are a fantastic upgrade for enthusiasts that want more performance, response and feel without sacrificing comfort and without introducing much noise or vibration. 85A Harness Insert.

The White Nylon Mounts are solid and perfect for a track car where precision and performance is needed. These solid mounts will ensure that your engine and gearbox stays exactly where they should. You will have zero deflection in your drive-line. These mounts will introduce some noise and vibrations. We also recommend you strengthen your chassis mounting points. 75D Hardness (Solid)

OEM transmission mounts are soft and allow the gearbox to move during hard braking or heavy acceleration, this is especially true for old or sagging mounts.

Direct replacement for your original BMW rubber transmission mounts.

 Fits Models:

  • E21 All models
  • E30 318, 323 and 325 only)
  • E36 318, 323, 325, 328, (M3 Manual)
  • E46 323, 325, 328, 330, M3
  • Z3 and Z4

Add a set of our Modular Engine Mounts (for E36 E46 Z3) or a set of our Solid or 90A Polyurethane engine Mounts (for E30 E34) to complete the Drive-line kit!

Polyurethane Mount Installation Tip: Install the mounts and lower the gearbox into place, tighten the 'bolt-through' stud until the bushing starts to bulge, then back off the nut half a turn. Tightening the nut any more will squeeze the bushing and make it firmer causing unnecessary added vibration.