BMW E30/E36 Performance Aluminium Radiator

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If you’re looking for a boost in engine cooling performance over the brittle stock BMW radiator, the Mishimoto E30/E36 Performance aluminium Radiator is a must for your E30/E36.

BMWs are known to have frequent cooling-related failures due to the use of numerous plastic components throughout the system. A simple coolant leak can result in overheating, accelerated engine wear, or head gasket failure. With this E30/E36 radiator you will undoubtedly notice a cooler more efficient running engine, as all Mishimoto aluminium radiators are designed and engineered to maximize cooling efficiency, to protect your car from overheating and boost engine function.

The Mishimoto E30/E36 Performance aluminium radiator utilises a single row brazed aluminium core. With the inlet and outlets providing precise leak-free connections. Installing a Mishimoto radiator is effortless with an OEM fit, there is no modifications needed for use with stock sensors and hoses.

This BMW radiator also includes an M16 x 1.5 Magnetic Oil Drain Plug with dowty seal, which effectively removes metal fragments circulating in the cooling system. The Mishimoto BMW Performance aluminium Radiator incorporates mounting points for the factory automatic external transmission cooler, and it is a direct fit for all 6-cylinder E30/E36 models from 1988 to 1999.


Note: Stock E30 fan shroud does not fit with this product.


Compatible with the following models:

  • 1995-1999 BMW M3
  • 1998-1999 BMW 323IC/IS
  • 1988-1991 BMW 325I
  • 1992-1995 BMW 325I/IC/IS
  • 1996-1998 BMW 328I/IC/IS

Fitment not guaranteed no other models.