BMW Clutch and Brake Pedal Bushing Set - Delrin - E30 Late 89+, E34 E36 E46 Z3 Z4

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BBM Garage Delrin Brake and Clutch Pedal Bushings for your BMW will restore your pedals feeling and response to better than new.

BMW pedal bushings are pushed thousands of times during their lifetime.
Worn out pedals can have an annoying side to side play, feel sloppy or sit on an angle due to the original bush being old and worn out.

These Delrin Pedal Bushes are a permanent fix!


Make sure you choose the correct number of bushes you require:

2 Bushes will be enough for the Brake OR Clutch

4 Bushes will be enough for the Brake AND Clutch

This bush fits the following BMWs:


  • 1984-1992 E30 BMW- 318, 320, 325, late model E30s Only (89+) 
  • 1990- 2000 E36 BMW- All
  • 1997- 2006 E46 BMW- All

Delrin is a very hard and rigid engineering plastic with exceptional bushing properties. Delrin has exceptional wear and abrasion resistance, low friction and has extreme dimensional stability which allows the bushing to maintain a very tight tolerance and last a lifetime.