BMW (1/2/3/4 Series) Rear Control Arm Lower Front - Inner Bushing Kit

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BMW 1 SERIES 2011-2019 - 1 SERIES F20, F21
BMW 2 SERIES 2013-ON - 2 SERIES F22, F23
BMW 3 SERIES 2011-2019 - 3 SERIES F30, F31, F34
BMW 4 SERIES 2013-ON - 4 SERIES F32, F33, F36
BMW M SERIES 2011-2019 - M SERIES F20, F21
BMW M SERIES 2013-ON - M2 F87
BMW M SERIES 2014-2019 - M3 F80
BMW M SERIES 2014-ON - M4 F82, F83

Suffering uneven tyre wear, unbalanced braking or a less predictable rear end while cornering. It could be your control arm bushings have failed. Replace these worn parts with Whiteline synthetic elastomer bushings that offer long lasting durability for a safer more predictable vehicle.

Contents: 2 Shell Bushings, 2 Tubes, Install Guide, Grease