AM Racing AMR Dual Stack AC Motor

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Liquid Cooled, Permanent Magnet - Remy Cartridge

This AM Racing motor is based on the very proven Remy 250-90 cartridge rotor using their HVH technology. (High Voltage Hairpin) This high efficiency permanent magnet motor is housed in a billet aluminum case with an integrated oil pump, and water/glycol heat exchanger. Mainly used in race applications, this motor is designed for long life use, and is perfectly suited for high output daily driving applications. Can be used in conjunction with the Rhinehart 100kW or 150kW motor controller/inverter, and this Dual Stack version is ideal for very high output applications. Requires dual controllers for operation.

Motor Diameter: 10.5 Inches
Motor Case Length: 11.25 Inches
Motor Shaft Length End to End: 18.5 Inches
Motor Type: Brushless Permanent Magnet
Brushes: No
Weight: 180 lbs.
Max Voltage Input: 360 Volts
Integrated Sensors: Encoder, temperature
Rated Torque: 560 Lb Ft Peak (w/150kW controller)
Rated Power: 420 HP Peak (w/150kW controller)
Max RPM: 10,000
Drive End Shaft: 32 spline 35.5 mm
Thermal Cooling: Internal oil pump with water heat exchange
Warranty Period:1 Year