Bavarian Speed Shop - Aaron D. and his E36

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Bavarian Speed Shop - Aaron D. and his E36

'From humble beginnings, this E36 325i coupe started like out as your run of the mill E36 – making a ‘blistering’ 192hp at the crank. Bought with hard earned cash (slaved away delivering pizza) at 22yo in 2004, I bet Aaron didn’t envisage what it has become today.' - @BavarianSpeedShop (Instagram 2021)


'It wasn’t until 2013 did this 325i hit the track for some fun, this is when the bug bit. By 2014, a home trailer was built to haul it around from track to track! Starting with your standard modifications like suspensions, wheels and tyres – it wasn’t too long before Aaron was looking to shave some time of his laps…it just so happened a partial turbo kit come up for sale. With a year off racing ’18-’19, the turbo build was completed in the backyard with no major mechanical experience prior, Aaron took on the task of being mechanic, auto electrician and fabricator to build what you see today.'

'These builds don’t come without plenty of dedication and Aaron has shown plenty of that. The setup ran 290hp atw on 12psi….and his times? Well he managed to shave a few off his PB’s all round. Unfortunately, now with a blown turbo – it’s saving up time to get the new turbo setup (Garrett G30-900) and get some more power out.' -@BavarianSpeedShop (Instagram 2021)

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